About Sales GROWTH Expert

Amanda Downs - Founding Partner

Meet Amanda Downs – Founding Partner

Sales GROWTH Expert provides sales-strategy facilitation, sales-leader mentoring and sales-leadership skills training to businesses that are ready to grow.

My aim is to support businesses, both small and large, to drive the value they bring to their customers, and the capability of their people to sustain it. This grows sales and profit, always.

I have worked with, businesses selling apps, biscuits, industrial cleaners, desserts, photocopiers, sandwiches, construction equipment, fine art, metals, health and wellbeing, beer, bus tickets and baby food.

As a sales director, sales manager, and sales coach and trainer, I have learned, first hand, that unless the customer is totally confident that life will be better with your product or service, they will not buy, no matter what the price.

I am married to a drummer, with two daughters, who sing and dance a lot. I love growing things, especially vegetables, so expect some gardening references when I talk about sales growth!


Why Sales GROWTH Expert?

Well, because we have experience of working both in, and with, businesses looking to grow and have seen that both are crucial drivers of sales and profit. We have almost thirty years’ experience of working for, with, and as directors, of both small and larger organisations. We¬†have lived and breathed the benefits of fantastic Sales GROWTH and felt the pains of a lack of it.