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Sales GROWTH Expert is dedicated to providing the best service and value possible to our customers, through a range of services such as our Sales GROWTH Strategy coaching, Sales GROWTH Mentoring, our Sales Manager Development workshops and our Sales GROWTH Expert Training workshops.

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“I  have worked with Amanda for some years now. During that time, we have moved from a ‘one woman’ band to a clearly targeted service, with a team of five people, and the business has trebled! Amanda’s personal leadership style coaching has worked for me with several clients, and what makes the big difference is her consistent focus on what will make a difference to profitability.”

Lucy Francis

Founding Director of Lucy Francis PA Services Ltd

Business Value Growth

Develop a Strong Sales Strategy

Do you and your people exude pride and confidence in the benefits of your product or service?

Take Control of Your Own Sales

Need to Drive up your Sales

Painting a clear and simple picture of what ‘good’ looks like to your customers and your people

Profitable Results Through People

Become a Better Sales Manager

People leave leaders, not businesses

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

Develop Powerful Selling Skills

Leading gets lonely, when it’s tough it gets even more lonely.





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