The Sales GROWTH Framework is one that I’ve been using with clients for many years, to help them to grow. It is a six stage framework that helps you to focus on different aspects of your business and build your sales. In some of our blogs this year, we’ll look at a different part of the framework and I’ll show you how you can apply it to your business, in order to increase your sales and grow your business.

So in this article, G is for Goals for Growth. Read on to find out how to weave your personal dreams into the goals of your team and your business.

At the start of each year, many people write about how to set goals. There are many different ways of doing this, but how many of them really work? How many of them result in goals that truly inspire people to strive towards achieving them?

Visionscaping is a process that I’ve used myself to create powerful goals for my life and my business. I also use it very successfully with my clients. The process is about harnessing the power of visions, or goals, in a way that very few businesses actually do. Each team goes through an individual and then a shared process, which culminates in a Visionscape – a visual representation of success that will look great on the wall of your office. Every member of the team also goes away with a view of the key drivers of the vision, along with the inspiration to achieve that vision.

The process is quite artistic, but no artistic skills are required! Each participant is asked to think about times when they felt truly alive. This is a rich, emotional experience designed to help people get back in touch with their personal sense of inspiration. After writing down their experiences, team members share it with a colleague. This is very energising. It builds trust, intuitive listening skills and enables people to fully explore the moment of aliveness. Then comes the fun bit – 20-30 minutes of inspired creativity! Often, the art that is created is of an uncommonly high quality. These pieces make beautiful keepsakes and are cherished by many of the participants. They can be hung in homes, or installed together as a corporate work of art, to inspire everyone in the business.

The image above is one that I created when I first went through the Visionscaping process back in 2012, which has been inspiring me ever since. The image is a large greenhouse, with tomatoes flourishing inside. It signifies success on many levels:

  • Business success – I don’t have a large garden with a green house yet, although I have a significantly larger garden one than when I first created this vision. Growing my business will help me to reach that bigger garden.
  • Family success – the opportunity to live in a bigger space and to teach my daughters the joy of growing things.
  • Personal growth – so far I have been rubbish at growing tomatoes. It requires patience, dedication, a hothouse and the ability to remember to water little and often! But I still have my vision and I know what I need to work on, in order to achieve my vision.

Where is your business going this year? Are your own dreams aligned with those of your business and the rest of your team? Are you all inspired by your vision and your goals? If you’re not, then perhaps it is time for some Visionscaping and to find a common and inspiring vision, to help grow your business this year.

In the next article, we’ll look at the importance of Releasing the Reins of your business, to help you recruit for the growth you want. If you can’t wait until then and you want to know more about the rest of the Framework, just get in touch by emailing